Standard reference : ASTM E1261



Spectrometer by spark emission :

A spark is generated between tugnsten's electrod and the material sample. This operation heats the atom inside the metal, which in reaction sends light bleam. Analysis of light's emission allow to state chemical composition of the sample.

Spectrometer with X-Ray Fluorescence:

When material receives X-rays, it reacts in sending back X-rays too. This phenomenon is called Fluorescence X. The spectrum emitted by the material is characteristic of the sample's chemical composition.


Metallographic inspections

performed with an optical microscopic equipment on a cut and polished surface. This observation is made to determine the nature of the structure and the grain size of the material. If defect have been detected on UT control this operation can give additional information such as the nature (holes, inclusions, ...)


Rockwell Hardness

The Rockwell hardness is calculated by measuring for a given load, the depth of the punch's print left in the aluminum.

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